1. Odds
2. Chances
3. Likelihoods
4. Possibilities
5. Expectations
6. Prospects
7. Potentials
8. Forecasts
9. Chances of success
10. Probableness
11. Possibilites
12. Predictions
13. Possibilistic
14. Expectancy
15. Permutations
16. Possibilitarian
17. Probative
18. Conjectures
19. Predicaments
20. Prospective
21. Possibilize
22. Peradventure
23. Prospectivity
24. Foreseeability
25. Probable
26. Prevision
27. Possibilism
28. Chances of failure
29. Possibilize
30. Prospectus

Finding the best synonyms for the word «probabilities» can be a daunting task. However, having a list of useful words can help you communicate your ideas more effectively. This list of 30 synonyms includes words such as odds, chances, likelihoods, possibilities, expectations, prospects, and potentials. These words can be used interchangeably to express the idea of probabilities in different contexts. Additionally, the list includes more creative words such as permutations, probative, predicaments, and possibilize. These words can help you add a unique flair to your writing and make it stand out. Whether you are looking for more conventional or creative words, this list of synonyms for «probabilities» has you covered.