1. Captives
2. Detainees
3. Inmates
4. Convict
5. Captive
6. Hostages
7. Confined
8. Captured
9. Imprisoned
10. Jailed
11. Internees
12. Restrained
13. Incarcerated
14. Bound
15. Captured
16. Restrained
17. Confined
18. Imprisoned
19. Enslaved
20. Captured
21. Imprisoned
22. Detained
23. Locked Up
24. Caged
25. Restrained
26. Bound
27. Shackled
28. Jailed
29. Captured
30. Incarcerated

Are you looking for other words for “prisoners”? Look no further! Here is a list of the best ideas for synonyms you can use to describe prisoners. Captives, detainees, inmates, convicts, captives, hostages, confined, captured, imprisoned, jailed, internees, restrained, incarcerated, bound, captured, restrained, confined, imprisoned, enslaved, captured, imprisoned, detained, locked up, caged, restrained, bound, shackled, jailed, and captured are all words that can be used to describe prisoners. These synonyms are a great way to add variety and depth to your writing. By using different words and phrases to describe prisoners, you can help your readers understand the full scope of the topic.