1. Jail
2. Penitentiary
3. Gaol
4. Correctional Facility
5. Detention Center
6. Lock-up
7. Brig
8. House of Correction
9. Stocks
10. Bastille
11. Slammer
12. Big House
13. Clink
14. Dungeon
15. Stronghold
16. Hoosegow
17. Brigantine
18. Calaboose
19. Reclusion
20. Confinement
21. Immurement
22. Custody
23. Captivity
24. Restraint
25. Internment
26. Detention
27. Incarceration
28. Coop
29. Bastion
30. Bastionage

Looking for synonyms for the word «Prison»? Look no further! Here are 30 of the best ideas to help you find other words for «Prison». These synonyms include Jail, Penitentiary, Gaol, Correctional Facility, Detention Center, Lock-up, Brig, House of Correction, Stocks, Bastille, Slammer, Big House, Clink, Dungeon, Stronghold, Hoosegow, Brigantine, Calaboose, Reclusion, Confinement, Immurement, Custody, Captivity, Restraint, Internment, Detention, Incarceration, Coop, Bastion, and Bastionage. Whether you’re writing a paper, completing a crossword puzzle, or looking for a new way to express yourself, these synonyms for «Prison» can help you find the perfect words to fit your needs.