1. Chief
2. Head
3. Main
4. Preeminent
5. Prime
6. Leading
7. Supreme
8. Paramount
9. Foremost
10. Essential
11. Dominant
12. Chiefmost
13. Arch
14. Key
15. Keystone
16. Primeval
17. Pillar
18. Primary
19. Fore
20. Prevalent
21. Chiefly
22. Uppermost
23. Highest
24. Predominant
25. Archaic
26. Primarymost
27. Paramountcy
28. Precedent
29. Master
30. Ultimate

When searching for different words to express the same idea, it is important to consider the best ideas. Synonyms for the word ‘principal’ can be a great way to add variety and interest to your writing. Synonyms for ‘principal’ include chief, head, main, preeminent, prime, leading, supreme, paramount, foremost, essential, dominant, chiefmost, arch, key, keystone, primeval, pillar, primary, fore, prevalent, chiefly, uppermost, highest, predominant, archaic, primarymost, paramountcy, precedent, master, and ultimate. Using different words for the same concept can help to create more vivid and descriptive writing. Additionally, using different synonyms for ‘principal’ can help to create a more interesting and engaging piece of writing.