1. Regal
2. Noble
3. Majestic
4. Grand
5. Imperial
6. Splendid
7. Distinguished
8. Stately
9. Grandiose
10. Dignified
11. Refined
12. Magnificent
13. Elegant
14. Grandeur
15. Highborn
16. Aristocratic
17. Ornate
18. Opulent
19. Luxurious
20. Resplendent
21. Palatial
22. Sumptuous
23. Exalted
24. Illustrious
25. Glorious
26. Regnant
27. Splendiferous
28. Lofty
29. Venerable
30. August

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word ‘princely’? Whether you’re writing a novel, a poem, or a research paper, having a variety of words to choose from will help you create a vivid and interesting piece of work. There are several synonyms for ‘princely’, such as regal, noble, majestic, grand, imperial, splendid, distinguished, stately, grandiose, dignified, refined, magnificent, elegant, grandeur, highborn, aristocratic, ornate, opulent, luxurious, resplendent, palatial, sumptuous, exalted, illustrious, glorious, regnant, splendiferous, lofty, venerable, and august. Using synonyms for ‘princely’ will help you to create a unique and beautiful piece of writing.