Synonyms for Priests:

1. Clergy
2. Vicar
3. Pastor
4. Chaplain
5. Preacher
6. Minister
7. Imam
8. Rabbi
9. Shaman
10. Priestess
11. Monks
12. Friars
13. Abbot
14. Abbess
15. Missionary
16. Deacon
17. Reverend
18. Rector
19. Curate
20. Parson
21. Cantor
22. Bishop
23. Archbishop
24. Elder
25. Presbyters
26. Precentor
27. Theologian
28. Prebendary
29. Canon
30. Sexton

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «priests»? Whether you are a writer looking for alternate words to use in your work, or a student searching for other words to use in a paper, there are many great ideas to consider. For example, you could use «clergy» as a synonym for «priests», or «vicar» and «pastor» to refer to the same concept. Other words to consider include «chaplain», «preacher», «minister», «imam», and «rabbi». Additionally, you could use «priestess», «monks», or «friars» as synonyms for «priests». There are also words like «abbot», «abbess», and «missionary» that could be used to refer to the same idea. For additional ideas, consider «deacon», «reverend», «rector», «curate», «parson», «cantor», «bishop», and «archbishop». Finally, you could use words like «elder», «presbyters», «precentor», «theologian», «prebendary», «canon», and «sexton» as synonyms for «priests». With so many great ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect synonym for «priests»!