1. Earlier
2. Before
3. Foregoing
4. Preceding
5. Beforehand
6. Precedently
7. Antecedently
8. Antecedently
9. Prehistorically
10. Primarily
11. Formerly
12. Anciently
13. Pre-existent
14. Pre-existing
15. Pre-established
16. Pre-ordained
17. Pre-arranged
18. Pre-planned
19. Pre-determined
20. Pre-programmed
21. Pre-configured
22. Pre-designated
23. Pre-assigned
24. Pre-allocated
25. Pre-initiated
26. Pre-inaugurated
27. Pre-occupied
28. Pre-occupied
29. Pre-occupied
30. Pre-occupied

Finding the best ideas for synonyms of the word «previously» can be a challenge. But with a bit of research, you can find a variety of other words for «previously» that can help you express yourself more clearly. A good starting point is to look for words that share the same meaning, such as «earlier,» «before,» and «foregoing.» You can also look for words that have similar but slightly different meanings, such as «preceding,» «beforehand,» and «precedently.» Additionally, you can look for words that have a more archaic or historical feel, such as «prehistorically,» «formerly,» and «anciently.» Finally, you can look for words that suggest a predetermined or pre-existing state, such as «pre-existent,» «pre-existing,» and «pre-ordained.» With these synonyms for «previously» in mind, you can communicate more precisely and effectively.