1. Feigned
2. Simulated
3. Fictional
4. Counterfeit
5. Fabricated
6. Shammed
7. Assumed
8. Faked
9. Artful
10. Imaginary
11. Sham
12. Deceptive
13. Spurious
14. Bogus
15. Plausible
16. Unreal
17. False
18. Invented
19. Make-believe
20. Hypocritical
21. Imitated
22. Fictitious
23. Put-on
24. Unrealistic
25. Artificial
26. Insincere
27. Masked
28. Dissembled
29. Affected
30. Phony

If you are looking for synonyms for the word “pretended”, you have come to the right place. Here are the best ideas for alternative words to use instead of “pretended”. Feigned, simulated, fictional, counterfeit, fabricated, sham, assumed, faked, artful, imaginary, sham, deceptive, spurious, bogus, plausible, unreal, false, invented, make-believe, hypocritical, imitated, fictitious, put-on, unrealistic, artificial, insincere, masked, dissembled, affected, and phony are all words that can be used to replace “pretended”. Whether you are writing a story or a blog post, these synonyms will help you find the right word to express what you are trying to say.