1. Assumption
2. Conjecture
3. Hypothesis
4. Theory
5. Belief
6. Postulate
7. Guess
8. Speculation
9. Notion
10. Fancy
11. Idea
12. Opinion
13. Guesswork
14. Impression
15. Thinking
16. Inference
17. Intuition
18. Supposition
19. Conception
20. Preconception
21. Presupposition
22. Intimation
23. Conception
24. Concept
25. Apprehension
26. Inclination
27. Intimation
28. Supposal
29. Hunch
30. Inclination

When searching for synonyms for the word «presumption», it is important to consider the best ideas for conveying the same meaning. While there are many words that could be used in its place, there are some that are more appropriate for certain contexts. Some of the best synonyms for «presumption» include assumption, conjecture, hypothesis, theory, belief, postulate, guess, speculation, and notion. These words all provide a similar meaning to «presumption» and can be used to express the same idea in different ways. Additionally, there are other words that may be used in place of «presumption» such as fancy, idea, opinion, guesswork, impression, thinking, inference, intuition, supposition, preconception, presupposition, intimation, conception, concept, apprehension, inclination, supposal, hunch, and inclination. All of these words can be used to express the same idea as «presumption» in different contexts.