1. Squeeze
2. Compress
3. Push
4. Force
5. Impel
6. Thrust
7. Squash
8. Clamp
9. Squelch
10. Apply pressure
11. Exert pressure
12. Exercise pressure
13. Squeeze out
14. Stamp
15. Crush
16. Squish
17. Stamp out
18. Squeeze together
19. Squeeze out
20. Squash flat
21. Smother
22. Pulverize
23. Pound
24. Squeeze dry
25. Squeeze out of
26. Squeeze into
27. Squeeze through
28. Squeeze into shape
29. Squeeze into place
30. Squeeze in

Are you looking for the best ideas and other words for the word “PRESS”? Look no further! This list of synonyms for press includes 30 different words that can be used to express the same concept. From squeeze to squash, from clamp to smother, this list of synonyms for press has it all. Whether you need to express the action of pressing, the application of pressure, or the act of squeezing, this list of synonyms for press has the perfect word for you.