1. Conserving
2. Retaining
3. Safeguarding
4. Securing
5. Storing
6. Upholding
7. Maintaining
8. Shielding
9. Keeping
10. Stabilizing
11. Caring
12. Guarding
13. Holding
14. Protecting
15. Sheltering
16. Sustaining
17. Preserving
18. Supporting
19. Securing
20. Backing
21. Safeguarding
22. Nurturing
23. Upholding
24. Retaining
25. Encouraging
26. Sustaining
27. Maintaining
28. Safeguarding
29. Supporting
30. Holding

When it comes to finding the best ideas for preserving something, there are many different synonyms that can be used to describe the same concept. Words like conserving, retaining, safeguarding, securing, storing, upholding, maintaining, shielding, keeping, stabilizing, caring, guarding, holding, protecting, sheltering, sustaining, preserving, supporting, securing, backing, safeguarding, nurturing, upholding, retaining, encouraging, sustaining, maintaining, safeguarding, and supporting are all other words for preserving. No matter what term you use, the goal is to protect and save something from harm or destruction. Whether it’s a physical object, a memory, or a feeling, preserving is a way to ensure that it is kept safe and secure.