Synonyms for Prejudices:

1. Biases
2. Partiality
3. Preconceptions
4. Inclinations
5. Dispositions
6. Predilections
7. Dislike
8. Animosity
9. Preference
10. Intolerance
11. Disposition
12. Disinclination
13. Favoritism
14. Preoccupation
15. Misconception
16. Disdain
17. Intolerance
18. Bias
19. Disfavor
20. Prejudgment
21. Inclination
22. Dislike
23. Partiality
24. Preconceived Notion
25. Predisposition
26. Antipathy
27. Prejudgement
28. Partial Thinking
29. Preconceived Idea
30. Preconceived Notion

When searching for other words for «prejudices», there are many great ideas that can help you find the best synonym for your needs. Whether you are looking for synonyms to use in a speech, an article, or any other type of writing, it is important to find the right words to express your meaning. Using synonyms for prejudices can help you to avoid repeating yourself and to make your writing more interesting and varied. Some of the best synonyms for prejudices include biases, partiality, preconceptions, inclinations, dispositions, predilections, dislike, animosity, preference, intolerance, disposition, disinclination, favoritism, preoccupation, misconception, disdain, bias, disfavor, prejudgment, inclination, partiality, preconceived notion, predisposition, antipathy, prejudgement, partial thinking, preconceived idea, and preconceived notion. These words can help you to express your thoughts and feelings about prejudices in a more creative and meaningful way.