1. Desirable
2. Optimal
3. Favorable
4. Advantageous
5. Prevalent
6. Suitable
7. Optimum
8. Beneficial
9. Favored
10. Appreciated
11. Acceptable
12. Appealing
13. Recommended
14. Desired
15. Preeminent
16. Welcome
17. Preferment
18. Pleasing
19. Congenial
20. Apposite
21. Suasive
22. Pleasurable
23. Appropriate
24. Desirous
25. Congruous
26. Alluring
27. Ideal
28. Suasible
29. Beloved
30. Preferable

When it comes to finding the best ideas, it is often preferable to use synonyms to help make the concepts more relatable and easier to understand. There are many different words that can be used to express the same meaning as «preferable» including desirable, optimal, favorable, advantageous, prevalent, suitable, optimum, beneficial, favored, appreciated, acceptable, appealing, recommended, desired, preeminent, welcome, preferment, pleasing, congenial, apposite, suasive, pleasurable, appropriate, desirous, congruous, alluring, ideal, suasible, beloved, and preferable. Using different synonyms for the same concept can help to make it easier to understand and more relatable to the audience. It is important to choose the right words to ensure that the message is communicated clearly and effectively.