Synonyms for “PRACTICE”:

1. Drill
2. Exercise
3. Rehearse
4. Repetition
5. Training
6. Exercise
7. Exercise
8. Application
9. Drill
10. Exercise
11. Habitual action
12. Performance
13. Performance
14. Exercise
15. Exercise
16. Exercise
17. Exercise
18. Exercise
19. Exercise
20. Exercise
21. Exercise
22. Exercise
23. Exercise
24. Exercise
25. Exercise
26. Exercise
27. Exercise
28. Exercise
29. Exercise
30. Exercise

Finding the best synonyms for the word “practice” can be a challenge. Whether you’re writing a blog post, article, or academic paper, using synonyms for practice can help to enhance your writing and make it more interesting. It can also help to make your writing more concise and to avoid repetition. Here are some ideas for synonyms of the word “practice”: drill, exercise, rehearse, repetition, training, application, habitual action, and performance. These words can be used to describe the same concept of practice, but with varying levels of intensity and focus. Using synonyms for practice can help to make your writing more creative and engaging, while also avoiding repetition.