1. Parts per million
2. Milligrams per liter
3. Milligrams per kilogram
4. Micrograms per liter
5. Micrograms per kilogram
6. Nanograms per liter
7. Nanograms per kilogram
8. Picograms per liter
9. Picograms per kilogram
10. Femtograms per liter
11. Femtograms per kilogram
12. Attograms per liter
13. Attograms per kilogram
14. Zeptograms per liter
15. Zeptograms per kilogram
16. Yoctograms per liter
17. Yoctograms per kilogram
18. Concentration
19. Density
20. Proportion
21. Ratio
22. Quotient
23. Fraction
24. Percentage
25. Proportionality
26. Magnitude
27. Intensity
28. Multiplicity
29. Intensiveness
30. Measurement

Are you looking for the best ideas and other words for PPM? PPM stands for parts per million, and it is a measurement of the concentration or proportion of a substance in a given sample. It is often used to measure the density of a substance in a solution or mixture. Other words for PPM include milligrams per liter, micrograms per kilogram, nanograms per liter, picograms per kilogram, femtograms per liter, attograms per kilogram, zeptograms per liter, yoctograms per kilogram, concentration, density, proportion, ratio, quotient, fraction, percentage, proportionality, magnitude, intensity, multiplicity, intensiveness, and measurement. These are all synonyms for PPM that can be used to accurately describe the measurement of a substance in a sample.