1. Potent
2. Might
3. Forceful
4. Robust
5. Influential
6. Sturdy
7. Solid
8. Strong
9. Weighty
10. Significant
11. Imposing
12. Heavy
13. Vigorous
14. Resolute
15. Perpetual
16. Durable
17. Commanding
18. Absolute
19. Fervent
20. Substantial
21. Ardent
22. Stalwart
23. Intense
24. Tireless
25. Energetic
26. Unstoppable
27. Unyielding
28. Unshakeable
29. Unrelenting
30. Unflinching

Looking for synonyms for the word «powerful»? You’ve come to the right place! Here are the best ideas for other words for powerful. Potent, might, forceful, robust, influential, sturdy, solid, strong, weighty, significant, imposing, heavy, vigorous, resolute, perpetual, durable, commanding, absolute, fervent, substantial, ardent, stalwart, intense, tireless, energetic, unstoppable, unyielding, unshakeable, unrelenting, and unflinching are all synonyms for powerful. Each of these words carries a sense of strength and control that can be used to describe powerful people, objects, and ideas. Whether you’re looking for a single word to describe a powerful person or a phrase to explain a powerful concept, these synonyms for powerful provide a great starting point.