1. Might
2. Authority
3. Strength
4. Force
5. Potency
6. Authority
7. Command
8. Jurisdiction
9. Influence
10. Control
11. Capacity
12. Energy
13. Clout
14. Leverage
15. Impact
16. Authority
17. Mastery
18. Prerogative
19. Right
20. Privilege
21. Supremacy
22. Potency
23. Ascendancy
24. Dominion
25. Jurisdiction
26. Authority
27. Leverage
28. Might
29. Force
30. Impact

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms of the word «power», there are a variety of options to choose from. Synonyms such as might, authority, strength, force, and potency are all words that can be used to describe power in different contexts. Other words for power include command, jurisdiction, influence, control, capacity, energy, clout, leverage, and impact. These words all carry a sense of authority, mastery, prerogative, right, privilege, and supremacy that can be used to describe a powerful individual or entity. Additionally, words such as ascendancy, dominion, and jurisdiction can also be used to describe the power of an individual or organization. No matter what word is chosen, the synonyms of power are varied and can be used to accurately convey the power of an individual or organization.