1. Prospect
2. Potentiality
3. Likelihood
4. Chance
5. Opening
6. Occurrence
7. Contingency
8. Possibleness
9. Probability
10. Prerogative
11. Occasion
12. Opportunity
13. Scope
14. Availability
15. Alternatives
16. Chances
17. Prospects
18. Probableness
19. Plausibility
20. Feasibility
21. Possibilty
22. Availability
23. Capacity
24. Outlook
25. Permission
26. Prospective
27. Option
28. Authorization
29. Probablity
30. Availability

When searching for synonyms for the word ‘possibility’, you will find a variety of different words that can be used in its place. Whether you’re looking for words to use in a creative writing piece or simply need to find a synonym for a school project, you’ll find the best ideas and alternatives here. From ‘prospect’ and ‘potentiality’ to ‘likelihood’ and ‘chance’, you’ll find a range of other words for ‘possibility’ that are sure to fit any situation. Additionally, there are also words such as ‘opening’, ‘occurrence’, and ‘contingency’ that can be used to replace the word ‘possibility’. When you’re in need of synonyms for ‘possibility’, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.