1. Ownership
2. Dominion
3. Property
4. Holding
5. Possessiveness
6. Command
7. Control
8. Prerogative
9. Custody
10. Possessor
11. Title
12. Heritage
13. Possessory
14. Estate
15. Lien
16. Tenure
17. Possessive
18. Retention
19. Claim
20. Endowment
21. Retainership
22. Right
23. Jurisdiction
24. Acquisition
25. Appropriation
26. Appropriateness
27. Seizure
28. Appurtenance
29. Annexation
30. Domain

Searching for the best synonyms for the word ‘possession’? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of 30 ideas that can be used as synonyms for ‘possession’. These include words such as ‘ownership’, ‘dominion’, ‘property’, ‘holding’, ‘possessiveness’, ‘command’, ‘control’, ‘prerogative’, ‘custody’, ‘possessor’, ‘title’, ‘heritage’, ‘possessory’, ‘estate’, ‘lien’, ‘tenure’, ‘possessive’, ‘retention’, ‘claim’, ‘endowment’, ‘retainership’, ‘right’, ‘jurisdiction’, ‘acquisition’, ‘appropriation’, ‘appropriateness’, ‘seizure’, ‘appurtenance’, ‘annexation’, and ‘domain’. All of these words are great alternatives for the word ‘possession’ and can be used in a variety of contexts. Whether you’re looking for a single alternative or a comprehensive list of synonyms, this collection of words is sure to provide you with the best ideas for your writing.