1. Permeable
2. Perforated
3. Spongy
4. Pitted
5. Pitted
6. Punctured
7. Pocked
8. Holed
9. Ventilated
10. Honeycombed
11. Lacy
12. Fissured
13. Open-textured
14. Macroporous
15. Reticulated
16. Reticular
17. Spongelike
18. Porous-walled
19. Aerated
20. Perforate
21. Permeating
22. Porous-structured
23. Spongiform
24. Porous-surfaced
25. Porous-grained
26. Porous-veined
27. Porous-webbed
28. Porous-pitted
29. Porous-perforated
30. Porous-permeable

Finding the right synonyms for a word can be a challenge. Whether you’re writing a blog post, crafting a creative piece, or simply trying to expand your vocabulary, it’s important to have the best ideas for synonyms. A great way to start is to consider the word «porous». There are many different synonyms for this word, such as permeable, perforated, spongy, pitted, punctured, pocked, holed, ventilated, honeycombed, lacy, fissured, open-textured, macroporous, reticulated, reticular, spongelike, porous-walled, aerated, perforate, permeating, porous-structured, spongiform, porous-surfaced, porous-grained, porous-veined, porous-webbed, porous-pitted, porous-perforated, and porous-permeable. With this list of 30 synonyms, you’ll be sure to find the perfect word for any situation.