1. Crowded
2. Teeming
3. Stuffed
4. Overflowing
5. Brimming
6. Packed
7. Crammed
8. Swarming
9. Bursting
10. Congested
11. Filled
12. Choked
13. Jampacked
14. Abounding
15. Pervaded
16. Infested
17. Stocked
18. Occupied
19. Replete
20. Jammed
21. Overrun
22. Inhabited
23. Abundant
24. Covered
25. Crawling
26. Cluttered
27. Fecund
28. Peopled
29. Filled to capacity
30. Brimful

When you are looking for the best ideas to describe a place that is populated, there are many different words you can use. Synonyms for the word «populated» include crowded, teeming, stuffed, overflowing, brimming, packed, crammed, swarming, bursting, congested, filled, choked, jampacked, abounding, pervaded, infested, stocked, occupied, replete, jammed, overrun, inhabited, abundant, covered, crawling, cluttered, fecund, peopled, filled to capacity, and brimful. These words can be used to effectively communicate the idea of a place that is filled with people. Whether you are writing a story, a blog post, or a research paper, these synonyms can be used to accurately portray the concept of a populated area.