1. Destitute
2. Impoverished
3. Needy
4. Indigent
5. Paltry
6. Strapped
7. Penurious
8. Miserable
9. Deprived
10. Down and out
11. Disadvantaged
12. Impoverished
13. Deficient
14. Meager
15. Insolvent
16. Penurious
17. Threadbare
18. Humble
19. Wretched
20. Pauper
21. Beggarly
22. Impoverished
23. Poorly off
24. Sparse
25. Insufficient
26. Inadequate
27. Hard up
28. Dearth
29. Skimpy
30. Inferior

When looking for synonyms for the word “poor”, there are many ideas to consider. It’s important to find the most accurate and appropriate words to use in order to convey the right message. Some of the best ideas for synonyms of “poor” include destitute, impoverished, needy, indigent, paltry, strapped, penurious, miserable, deprived, down and out, disadvantaged, and deficient. Other words for “poor” include meager, insolvent, threadbare, humble, wretched, pauper, beggarly, poorly off, sparse, insufficient, inadequate, hard up, dearth, skimpy, and inferior. All of these words can be used to describe a lack of money, resources, or other material needs.