1. Surveying
2. Tabulating
3. Questioning
4. Researching
5. Investigating
6. Counting
7. Taking inventory
8. Canvassing
9. Querying
10. Asking
11. Sounding out
12. Taking the pulse
13. Taking the measure
14. Taking the temperature
15. Taking the public opinion
16. Taking the public sentiment
17. Taking a survey
18. Taking a poll
19. Taking a census
20. Taking a count
21. Taking a tally
22. Taking a sample
23. Taking a look
24. Taking a reading
25. Taking a sampling
26. Taking a vote
27. Taking a straw poll
28. Taking a snap poll
29. Taking a check
30. Taking an estimate

When it comes to finding the best ideas for gathering information from a population, the term “polling” can be used to refer to a wide range of activities. Other words for polling include surveying, tabulating, questioning, researching, investigating, counting, taking inventory, canvassing, querying, asking, sounding out, taking the pulse, taking the measure, taking the temperature, taking the public opinion, taking the public sentiment, taking a survey, taking a poll, taking a census, taking a count, taking a tally, taking a sample, taking a look, taking a reading, taking a sampling, taking a vote, taking a straw poll, taking a snap poll, taking a check, and taking an estimate. Each of these activities can be used to gather information from a population in order to gain insight into their opinions and beliefs.