1. Government
2. Regime
3. Administration
4. State
5. Sovereignty
6. Dominion
7. Monarchy
8. Republic
9. Commonwealth
10. Autocracy
11. Theocracy
12. Aristocracy
13. Oligarchy
14. Plutocracy
15. Democracy
16. Federation
17. Confederation
18. Alliance
19. Union
20. System
21. Authority
22. Establishment
23. Jurisdiction
24. Domain
25. Realm
26. Territory
27. Nation
28. Province
29. Kingdom
30. Empire

When searching for other words to describe a polity, there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a synonym for a monarchy or a republic, there are 30 different ideas to consider. From government to realm, there is a wide range of words that can be used to accurately describe a polity. The best ideas to consider when looking for another word for polity are government, regime, administration, and state. These words can be used to accurately describe a polity in its most basic form. Other words such as monarchy, republic, democracy, and federation can also be used to more accurately describe the different types of polities. Ultimately, the best word to use when describing a polity will depend on the context of the conversation.