1. Governmental
2. Legislative
3. Diplomatic
4. Civic
5. Electoral
6. Statist
7. Partisan
8. Regulative
9. Constituent
10. Bureaucratic
11. Juridical
12. Administrative
13. Congregational
14. Autocratic
15. Monarchical
16. Democratic
17. Authoritative
18. Dictatorial
19. Judicial
20. Ideological
21. Controversial
22. Nationalistic
23. Ideological
24. Diplomatical
25. Representative
26. Constitutional
27. Ideological
28. Ideological
29. Ideological
30. Ideological

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word “political”, there are many ideas to consider. It can be helpful to look at the different types of politics that exist, such as governmental, legislative, diplomatic, and civic. Other words for these types of politics include electoral, statist, partisan, regulative, and constituent. Additionally, there are more specific terms such as bureaucratic, juridical, administrative, and congregational that can be used to describe different aspects of politics. Autocratic, monarchical, democratic, authoritative, and dictatorial are other words that can be used to describe various political systems. Additionally, terms like judicial, ideological, controversial, nationalistic, diplomatic, and representative can be used to refer to the different ideas and beliefs that exist within politics. Finally, words like constitutional, ideological, and ideological can be used to describe the rules and regulations that are in place to ensure the functioning of a political system. With so many ideas to consider, finding synonyms for the word “political” can be a great way to express different aspects of politics.