1. Regulation
2. Procedure
3. Directive
4. Rule
5. Program
6. Practice
7. Course
8. Standard
9. Plan
10. Method
11. Norm
12. Statute
13. Precept
14. Guideline
15. Principle
16. Canon
17. Formulation
18. Mandate
19. Decree
20. Strategy
21. Law
22. Formula
23. Code
24. Edict
25. Prescription
26. Doctrine
27. Axiom
28. Protocol
29. Dictum
30. Precept

When it comes to the best ideas for finding synonyms for the word “policy”, there are many options. One of the most effective ways is to look for other words for policy. Synonyms for policy include regulation, procedure, directive, rule, program, practice, course, standard, plan, method, norm, statute, precept, guideline, principle, canon, formulation, mandate, decree, strategy, law, formula, code, edict, prescription, doctrine, axiom, protocol, dictum, and precept. All of these words have similar meanings to policy, but can provide different perspectives and nuances to the discussion. By using synonyms for policy, you can add depth and variety to your writing.