1. Aspects
2. Focal points
3. Junctures
4. Intersections
5. Junctions
6. Nodes
7. Markers
8. Pivots
9. Terminals
10. Waypoints
11. Crossroads
12. Axes
13. Signposts
14. Hotspots
15. Landmarks
16. Foci
17. Vertexes
18. Apexes
19. Cruxes
20. Hubs
21. Nubs
22. Peaks
23. Poles
24. Summits
25. Thresholds
26. Confluences
27. Corners
28. Crossings
29. Faults
30. Interstices

Finding the best synonyms for the word «points» can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many ideas and resources available to help you find the best synonyms for your needs. For example, you can find lists of synonyms online, or consult a thesaurus. Additionally, you can use the words aspects, focal points, junctures, intersections, junctions, nodes, markers, pivots, terminals, waypoints, crossroads, axes, signposts, hotspots, landmarks, foci, vertexes, apexes, cruxes, hubs, nubs, peaks, poles, summits, thresholds, confluences, corners, crossings, faults, and interstices as synonyms for the word «points». With these words, you can easily find the best synonym for your needs.