1. Scheme
2. Outline
3. Design
4. Program
5. Proposal
6. Method
7. Blueprint
8. Diagram
9. Project
10. Map
11. Agenda
12. Chart
13. Arrangement
14. Scheme
15. Intention
16. Contrivance
17. Stratagem
18. Calculations
19. Preparation
20. Layout
21. System
22. Procedure
23. Scenario
24. Program
25. Stratagem
26. Procedure
27. Outline
28. Agenda
29. Contrivance
30. Preparation

Looking for the best ideas to plan your next project? Synonyms for the word «plan» can provide you with a great starting point. Some of the most popular words that can be used as synonyms for «plan» include scheme, outline, design, program, proposal, method, blueprint, diagram, project, map, agenda, chart, arrangement, intention, contrivance, stratagem, calculations, preparation, layout, system, procedure, scenario, and program. Utilizing these words can help you come up with creative ideas to plan your next project. Whether you need to come up with a scheme, outline a design, or create a blueprint, these synonyms for the word «plan» can help you get started.