1. Claimants
2. Accusers
3. Litigants
4. Suers
5. Suitors
6. Appellants
7. Complainants
8. Prosecutees
9. Prosecution
10. Defendants
11. Contestants
12. Aggrieved
13. Prosecuting
14. Proselytizers
15. Plaintiffs
16. Accusations
17. Plaintive
18. Querists
19. Plaintings
20. Plaint
21. Remonstrants
22. Plaintful
23. Plaintive
24. Plaintors
25. Complainers
26. Plaintings
27. Accusal
28. Censures
29. Indictments
30. Complaints

When looking for synonyms for the word «plaintiffs,» there are a variety of options available. The best ideas are to use terms such as claimants, accusers, litigants, suers, and suitors. These words all refer to the person or persons who initiate a lawsuit and are the primary parties in a civil action. Other words for plaintiffs include appellants, complainants, prosecutees, prosecution, defendants, contestants, aggrieved, prosecuting, and proselytizers. All of these terms describe the same concept but may be used in different contexts. Additionally, plaint, querists, plaintive, plaintful, plaintors, complainers, plaintings, accusal, censures, indictments, and complaints are all synonyms for the word plaintiffs.