Synonyms for «PL»:

1. Profit and Loss
2. Financial Statement
3. Ledger
4. Book of Accounts
5. Balance Sheet
6. Income Statement
7. Revenue
8. Expenses
9. Assets
10. Liabilities
11. Equity
12. Investment
13. Profit
14. Loss
15. Outlay
16. Expenditure
17. Capital
18. Revenue Stream
19. Cost
20. Profitability
21. Yield
22. Income
23. Cash Flow
24. Operating Profit
25. Cash Balance
26. Accounting
27. Gains
28. Losses
29. Equity Financing
30. Debt Financing

When looking for other words for Profit and Loss (PL), it is important to consider the best ideas and terms that are most commonly used in the business world. Terms such as financial statement, ledger, book of accounts, balance sheet, income statement, revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, equity, and investment are all commonly used when discussing PL. Additionally, terms such as revenue stream, cost, profitability, yield, income, cash flow, operating profit, cash balance, accounting, gains, losses, equity financing, and debt financing are all important to understand when discussing PL. Understanding the various terms and synonyms related to PL can help businesses better understand their financials and make more informed decisions.