1. Firs
2. Spruces
3. Junipers
4. Cedars
5. Cypress
6. Yews
7. Hemlocks
8. Redwoods
9. Douglas Firs
10. Larch
11. Arborvitae
12. Scots Pines
13. White Pines
14. Jack Pines
15. Loblolly Pines
16. Pitch Pines
17. Longleaf Pines
18. Shortleaf Pines
19. Slash Pines
20. Virginia Pines
21. Pond Pines
22. Table Mountain Pines
23. Bristlecone Pines
24. Austrian Pines
25. Mugo Pines
26. Aleppo Pines
27. Scotch Pines
28. Ponderosa Pines
29. Japanese Red Pines
30. Weymouth Pines

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