Synonyms for «Pietro»:

1. Peter
2. Petrus
3. Petro
4. Piero
5. Pier
6. Piotr
7. Pieter
8. Piet
9. Peeter
10. Petar
11. Pierro
12. Pyotr
13. Pjotr
14. Peet
15. Piers
16. Piotrek
17. Pierino
18. Pedr
19. Petri
20. Petre
21. Petruska
22. Peiter
23. Pierino
24. Peitro
25. Petros
26. Petru
27. Petaras
28. Petar
29. Petras
30. Peetrus

Are you looking for the best synonyms for the word «Pietro»? There are a variety of different words that can be used as a synonym for «Pietro». From Peter and Petrus to Pierino and Petaras, you can find a wide range of different words that have the same meaning. Whether you’re looking for another word for «Pietro» or just need some ideas for synonyms, the list above can help you find the perfect word for your needs. With 30 different synonyms to choose from, you can easily find the right word to fit the context of your writing.