1. Punctured
2. Penetrated
3. Perforated
4. Bored
5. Stuck
6. Drilled
7. Prodded
8. Pricked
9. Skewered
10. Jabbed
11. Lanced
12. Poked
13. Stabbed
14. Transfixed
15. Transpierced
16. Impaled
17. Gored
18. Gashed
19. Gashed
20. Nailed
21. Notched
22. Nicked
23. Ventilated
24. Vented
25. Hacked
26. Hacked
27. Scored
28. Slashed
29. Stitched
30. Transfixed

When trying to find the right words to describe a piercing, you may be stumped for ideas. Luckily, there are plenty of synonyms out there that can help you express your thoughts and feelings precisely. Some of the best synonyms for the word “pierced” include punctured, penetrated, perforated, bored, stuck, drilled, prodded, pricked, skewered, jabbed, lanced, poked, stabbed, transfixed, transpierced, impaled, gored, gashed, nailed, notched, nicked, ventilated, vented, hacked, scored, slashed, and stitched. All of these words are great alternatives to the word “pierced” and can help you add more variety and precision to your writing.