1. Jetty
2. Wharf
3. Dock
4. Quay
5. Landing
6. Pylon
7. Embankment
8. Mole
9. Revetment
10. Breakwater
11. Ramp
12. Jettison
13. Berth
14. Float
15. Dike
16. Causeway
17. Rampart
18. Abutment
19. Pontoon
20. Pontoon bridge
21. Barge
22. Ponton
23. Ferry
24. Lighter
25. Dockyard
26. Anchorage
27. Bulkhead
28. Mooring
29. Piling
30. Jet

When looking for synonyms for the word «pier», it is important to consider the best ideas to express the meaning of the word. Finding the right words to describe a pier can be difficult, as there are many different types of piers and each one has its own unique characteristics. However, some of the most commonly used synonyms for the word «pier» are jetty, wharf, dock, quay, landing, pylon, embankment, mole, revetment, breakwater, ramp, jettison, berth, float, dike, causeway, rampart, abutment, pontoon, pontoon bridge, barge, ponton, ferry, lighter, dockyard, anchorage, bulkhead, mooring, piling, and jet. These words can be used to accurately describe a pier and provide an alternative way of expressing the same idea.