1. Ray
2. Particle
3. Quanta
4. Quantum
5. Packet
6. Corpuscle
7. Flash
8. Lumen
9. Glint
10. Beam
11. Gleam
12. Sparkle
13. Shaft
14. Glare
15. Glitter
16. Radiance
17. Luminescence
18. Illumination
19. Glow
20. Reflection
21. Refraction
22. Diffraction
23. Flash
24. Scintillation
25. Flicker
26. Photon
27. Photon emission
28. Photon absorption
29. Photon scattering
30. Photon reflection

When searching for alternative words for the term “photon”, there are many great ideas to consider. Synonyms for the word “photon” include ray, particle, quanta, quantum, packet, corpuscle, flash, lumen, glint, beam, gleam, sparkle, shaft, glare, glitter, radiance, luminescence, illumination, glow, reflection, refraction, diffraction, flash, scintillation, flicker, photon emission, photon absorption, photon scattering, and photon reflection. These are some of the best words to use if you are looking for a different way to say “photon”. Whether you are writing a paper or trying to find a more creative way to say “photon”, these synonyms can help you find the perfect word for your needs.