1. Activation
2. Catalysis
3. Charging
4. Enzymatic reaction
5. Enzymatic transformation
6. Kinase reaction
7. Modification
8. Oxidation
9. Phosphorylation reaction
10. Post-translational modification
11. Protein kinase reaction
12. Protein modification
13. Protein phosphorylation
14. Protein transformation
15. Reversible phosphorylation
16. Substrate modification
17. Substrate phosphorylation
18. Transformation
19. Activation of proteins
20. Addition of phosphate
21. ATP-dependent phosphorylation
22. Chemical phosphorylation
23. Enzyme-catalyzed phosphorylation
24. Kinase-catalyzed phosphorylation
25. Phosphoprotein modification
26. Phosphoprotein transformation
27. Phosphorylation of proteins
28. Phosphorylation of substrates
29. Protein phosphorylation reaction
30. Reversible protein phosphorylation

Are you looking for other words for phosphorylation? Phosphorylation is an important process in biology, and so it is important to know the different terms used to describe it. Whether you are a student studying biology or a researcher looking for the best ideas to describe phosphorylation, this list of synonyms will have you covered. From activation to protein transformation, there are plenty of other words for phosphorylation that can be used to accurately describe the process. Furthermore, understanding the different terms can help you better understand the process of phosphorylation and the importance of it in biology.