1. Sage
2. Logician
3. Thinker
4. Intellectual
5. Philosopher
6. Analyst
7. Scholar
8. Expert
9. Theorist
10. Rationalist
11. Savant
12. Pundit
13. Brainiac
14. Sage
15. Erudite
16. Brainbox
17. Expert
18. Mentor
19. Academic
20. Professor
21. Polymath
22. Sage
23. Philosophe
24. Pedant
25. Savant
26. Philosophizer
27. Theologian
28. Logician
29. Wit
30. Wise man

Searching for synonyms for the word “philo”? Look no further! Here are the best ideas of other words for “philo” that you can use in your writing. Use the words sage, logician, thinker, intellectual, philosopher, analyst, scholar, expert, theorist, rationalist, savant, pundit, brainiac, erudite, brainbox, mentor, academic, professor, polymath, philosophe, pedant, philosophizer, theologian, wit, and wise man to express the same concept without repeating yourself. Whether you’re writing an essay or a blog post, these synonyms for “philo” will help you diversify your language and make your writing more interesting.