1. Appearance
2. Visage
3. Facial Structure
4. Constitution
5. Physiognomy
6. Lineaments
7. Makeup
8. Contour
9. Form
10. Look
11. Outward Aspect
12. Expression
13. Aspect
14. Characteristics
15. Traits
16. Features
17. Type
18. Build
19. Structure
20. Pattern
21. Configuration
22. Bodily Structure
23. Visible Characteristics
24. Morphology
25. Anatomy
26. Conformation
27. Composition
28. Facial Appearance
29. Morphological Characteristics
30. Physique

When looking for synonyms for the word «phenotype», there are many options to choose from. The best ideas include words such as appearance, visage, facial structure, constitution, physiognomy, lineaments, makeup, contour, form, look, outward aspect, expression, aspect, characteristics, traits, features, type, build, structure, pattern, configuration, bodily structure, visible characteristics, morphology, anatomy, conformation, composition, facial appearance, morphological characteristics, and physique. Each of these synonyms can be used to accurately describe the physical features of an organism. Whether you are describing the features of a person, animal, or plant, these synonyms can help you accurately convey the physical characteristics of the organism in question.