Synonyms for «Phenomena»:

1. Occurrence
2. Miracle
3. Marvel
4. Spectacle
5. Sight
6. Phenomenon
7. Event
8. Wonder
9. Occasion
10. Manifestation
11. Display
12. Sighting
13. Show
14. Sensation
15. Phenomenal
16. Prodigy
17. Portent
18. Miracle
19. Miracle-working
20. Miracle-working-power
21. Occurrences
22. Apparitions
23. Wonders
24. Unusualness
25. Manifestations
26. Unusual events
27. Strange occurrences
28. Unprecedented events
29. Unfamiliar occurrences
30. Unheard-of events

When you’re looking for different ways to express the idea of “phenomena”, there are plenty of ideas and synonyms available. From “occurrence” to “unheard-of events”, there are plenty of other words to choose from when you need to express the idea of something unusual or extraordinary. Whether you’re looking for the best words to describe a natural phenomenon or a miraculous event, there’s a perfect synonym for “phenomena” that can help you express your ideas in the most effective way. When you’re looking for the perfect word to describe an unexpected or extraordinary event, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect synonym for “phenomena” to convey your ideas.