1. Carbolic acid
2. Hydroxybenzene
3. Benzenol
4. Phenic acid
5. Phenylic acid
6. Phenoxide
7. Pyrocatechol
8. Pyrogallol
9. Pyrocatechin
10. Catechol
11. Hydroxybenzol
12. Oxybenzene
13. Oxybenzol
14. Oxyphenol
15. Phenylic alcohol
16. Hydroxytoluene
17. Hydroxytoluol
18. Monohydroxybenzene
19. Monohydroxytoluene
20. Oxytoluene
21. Oxytoluol
22. Phenic alcohol
23. Phenol alcohol
24. Phenyl alcohol
25. Phenyl hydroxide
26. Phenylic ether
27. Phenylic oxide
28. Hydroxytoluol
29. Hydroxytoluene
30. Hydroxybenzene

Looking for synonyms for the word «phenol»? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a comprehensive list of the best ideas and other words for «phenol» that you can use in your writing. From «carbolic acid» and «hydroxybenzene» to «phenyl hydroxide» and «phenylic ether», this list has a variety of alternatives for the word «phenol» to choose from. Whether you’re writing a scientific paper or just need to find a synonym for «phenol» for everyday use, this list has you covered.