1. Throat
2. Larynx
3. Oropharynx
4. Nasopharynx
5. Hypopharynx
6. Oral cavity
7. Pharyngeal cavity
8. Pharyngeal passage
9. Pharyngotympanic tube
10. Glottis
11. Fauces
12. Hypopharyngeal cavity
13. Pharyngoesophageal segment
14. Pharyngotympanic recess
15. Pharyngotympanic fold
16. Pharyngotympanic sinus
17. Nasopharyngeal duct
18. Hypopharyngeal duct
19. Pharyngeal recess
20. Pharyngeal tonsil
21. Pharyngeal constrictor
22. Pharyngeal plexus
23. Pharyngeal wall
24. Pharyngoepiglottic fold
25. Pharyngoepiglottic ligament
26. Pharyngoepiglottic recess
27. Pharyngoepiglottic space
28. Pharyngoesophageal junction
29. Pharyngo-oesophageal sphincter
30. Pharyngo-tracheal junction

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