1. Appeal
2. Plea
3. Entreaty
4. Request
5. Solicitation
6. Application
7. Supplication
8. Invocation
9. Invitation
10. Plead
11. Invocation
12. Prayer
13. Supplication
14. Call
15. Plead
16. Solicit
17. Invite
18. Urge
19. Exhort
20. Appeal
21. Claim
22. Postulation
23. Pleadings
24. Memorial
25. Demands
26. Requisition
27. Summons
28. Invocation
29. Plead
30. Implore

Are you looking for other words to use instead of the word “petition”? Whether you’re writing a legal document or a creative piece of writing, having a variety of synonyms is essential. Here are some of the best ideas and other words for “petition” that you can use in your writing. An appeal, plea, entreaty, request, solicitation, application, supplication, invocation, invitation, plead, prayer, call, solicit, invite, urge, exhort, claim, postulation, pleadings, memorial, demands, requisition, summons, invocation, plead, and implore are all great synonym options for “petition”. Having a variety of synonyms makes your writing more interesting and engaging, so make sure to include a few of these words in your next writing project.