1. St. Petersburg
2. Petrograd
3. Leningrad
4. Piter
5. Northern Capital
6. City of the Tsars
7. Venice of the North
8. Tsar’s Village
9. City on the Neva
10. Hero City
11. Northern Palmyra
12. Northern Venice
13. Cultural Capital
14. Window to the West
15. Gateway to the East
16. Cradle of the Revolution
17. Northern Crown
18. City of White Nights
19. City of Three Revolutions
20. City of Bridges
21. City of Canals
22. City of Churches
23. City of Palaces
24. City of the Revolution
25. City of Tsars
26. Imperial City
27. Jewel of the North
28. Northern Capital of Russia
29. Northern Capital of the World
30. Northern Star

When looking for synonyms for the word «PETERSBURG», there are many options to choose from. From the classic «St. Petersburg» and «Leningrad» to more modern terms such as «Hero City» and «Cradle of the Revolution», there is no shortage of ideas. For the best ideas, look no further than «Northern Capital», «City of the Tsars», and «Venice of the North». These terms perfectly capture the grandeur of this Russian city and its rich history. Other words such as «Northern Palmyra», «City of Bridges», and «City of Canals» also help to paint a picture of the beauty and culture of the city. No matter which words you choose, they will all bring to life the spirit of Petersburg.