1. Relevant
2. On-Point
3. Appropriate
4. Suitable
5. Pertaining
6. Related
7. Crucial
8. Essential
9. Significant
10. Valuable
11. Important
12. Apposite
13. Apropos
14. Essential
15. Fit
16. Germane
17. Germane To
18. Material
19. Necessary
20. Pertaining To
21. Pointed
22. Pregnant
23. Proper
24. Relevant To
25. Salient
26. Seasonable
27. Suited
28. Timely
29. Topical
30. Well-Chosen

Finding the right words to express yourself can be difficult, but luckily there are many synonyms for the word pertinent that can help you get your point across. Whether you’re writing an essay, delivering a speech, or having a conversation, having a good selection of synonyms for pertinent can help you make your point more effectively. Here are the best ideas for synonyms for pertinent, including relevant, on-point, appropriate, suitable, pertaining, related, crucial, essential, significant, valuable, important, apposite, apropos, fit, germane, germane to, material, necessary, pertaining to, pointed, pregnant, proper, relevant to, salient, seasonable, suited, timely, topical, and well-chosen. With these synonyms, you’ll be sure to get your point across in any conversation.