1. Endures
2. Abides
3. Continues
4. Survives
5. Perseveres
6. Remains
7. Holds
8. Resists
9. Stands
10. Endures
11. Upholds
12. Maintains
13. Withstands
14. Keeps
15. Persists
16. Endures
17. Lasts
18. Prevails
19. Endures
20. Prevents
21. Stays
22. Abides
23. Endures
24. Continues
25. Resists
26. Protracts
27. Defends
28. Hangs on
29. Insists
30. Clings

When looking for the best ideas and other words for the concept of «persisting», it’s important to consider the many different ways that this idea can be expressed. Synonyms for the word «persists» can offer a variety of ways to express this concept, ranging from the more literal «endures» to the more creative «prevents» and «defends». Using the right synonym can help to make your writing more impactful and better express the idea of persisting. By understanding the different synonyms available, you can ensure that your writing is as powerful as possible.