1. Perseverance
2. Tenacity
3. Fortitude
4. Resilience
5. Diligence
6. Endurance
7. Constancy
8. Determination
9. Commitment
10. Stick-to-itiveness
11. Persistency
12. Resolve
13. Pluck
14. Grit
15. Industriousness
16. Perseveration
17. Resoluteness
18. Assiduity
19. Sedulity
20. Firmness
21. Tirelessness
22. Zeal
23. Dedication
24. Stubbornness
25. Persistence of Purpose
26. Unwaveringness
27. Unflinchingness
28. Unrelentingness
29. Steadfastness
30. Unabatingness

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