1. Proportions
2. Ratios
3. Quotas
4. Allotments
5. Divisions
6. Fractions
7. Portions
8. Segments
10. Quantities
11. Parcels
12. Segregations
13. Portionings
14. Allocations
15. Segmentations
16. Segregates
17. Segments
18. Proportions
19. Quotients
20. Quantums
21. Segmentations
22. Ratios
23. Segregations
24. Allotments
25. Quotas
26. Divisions
28. Parcels
29. Quantums
30. Allocations

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word percentages, there are many great ideas to consider. Whether you’re looking for other words for percentages, synonyms for percentages, or the best synonyms for percentages, you’ll find plenty of great options. From proportions and ratios to quotas and allotments, there are numerous words that can be used as synonyms for percentages. You can also consider fractions, portions, segments, shares, quantities, parcels, segregations, portionings, allocations, and segmentations. Each of these words can provide an alternative to percentages when it comes to expressing the same idea.