1. Proportion
2. Quota
3. Portion
4. Share
5. Allotment
6. Fraction
7. Proportionality
8. Ratio
9. Scale
10. Proportional
11. Proportional part
12. Proportional share
13. Proportional division
14. Proportional measure
15. Proportional portion
16. Proportional quantity
17. Proportional rate
18. Proportional segment
19. Proportional size
20. Proportional split
21. Proportional sum
22. Proportional unit
23. Proportional value
24. Proportional weight
25. Division
26. Quotient
27. Segment
28. Segmentation
29. Slice
30. Fractional part

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “percentage”? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a comprehensive list of the best ideas and other words for percentage. From “proportion” to “fractional part”, this list of synonyms contains 30 different words that all mean the same thing. Whether you’re writing a paper or trying to come up with the perfect word to describe a certain percentage, this list of synonyms is sure to help. With these words, you can easily find the perfect phrase to express your ideas.