1. Discernment
2. Noticing
3. Cognition
4. Discriminating
5. Grasping
6. Observing
7. Awareness
8. Recognizing
9. Sensing
10. Apprehending
11. Knowing
12. Detecting
13. Inferring
14. Experiencing
15. Comprehending
16. Concluding
17. Insight
18. Realizing
19. Divining
20. Clocking
21. Judging
22. Appreciating
23. Understanding
24. Inscrutability
25. Proficiency
26. Grasp
27. Intuition
28. Attentiveness
29. Perception
30. Astuteness

When looking for the best ideas to express the concept of perceiving, synonyms are a great way to add variety to your writing. Whether you are looking for another word for perceiving, other words for perceiving, or simply synonyms for perceiving, there are a variety of options available. Discernment, noticing, cognition, discriminating, grasping, observing, awareness, recognizing, sensing, apprehending, knowing, detecting, inferring, experiencing, comprehending, concluding, insight, realizing, divining, clocking, judging, appreciating, understanding, inscrutability, proficiency, grasp, intuition, attentiveness, perception, and astuteness are all great words to use when trying to express the concept of perceiving. Adding these synonyms to your writing can help to keep your writing fresh and interesting.