1. Unusual
2. Quaint
3. Eccentric
4. Bizarre
5. Abnormal
6. Singular
7. Odd
8. Unconventional
9. Offbeat
10. Freakish
11. Strangeness
12. Unorthodox
13. Queer
14. Outlandish
15. Freak
16. Freakiness
17. Unnatural
18. Unfamiliar
19. Unprecedented
20. Exceptional
21. Peculiarities
22. Different
23. Unaccustomed
24. Unusualness
25. Unaccustomedness
26. Uniqueness
27. Unusualities
28. Abnormality
29. Extraordinary
30. Uncommon

If you are looking for synonyms for the word «peculiar», then you have come to the right place. Here are the best ideas for alternative words and phrases that mean the same as «peculiar». Unusual, quaint, eccentric, bizarre, abnormal, singular, odd, unconventional, offbeat, freakish, strangeness, unorthodox, queer, outlandish, freak, freakiness, unnatural, unfamiliar, unprecedented, exceptional, peculiarities, different, unaccustomed, unusualness, unaccustomedness, uniqueness, unusualities, abnormality, extraordinary, and uncommon are all synonyms for the word «peculiar». With this comprehensive list of synonyms, you will never be at a loss for words when you need to express the idea of peculiarity.